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Planning and Risk Office

The Planning Office supports the strategic planning of academic departments, develops management information to support departmental and institutional decision-making, and undertakes reviews of processes across the University with a view to improving the quality and cost-effectiveness of activities that support academic delivery.

Our teams:


The Planning team within the Planning Office comprises five Planning Officers reporting to the Director of Planning. The Planning Officers work with academic departments of the University to develop academic plans balancing financial, staffing, research and student recruitment plans.  Planning Officers work closely with heads of departments and their management teams, management accountants, operations managers and Deans of Faculty to support departments in developing and delivering their strategic plans.

Heads of Faculty Operations

The three Heads of Faculty Operations undertake reviews of processes across the University intend to enhance the quality and cost-effectives of support activities. They also provide operational management support to the three faculties, working closely with Deans of Faculty.

Risk Management 

Risk Management is coordinated by the Planning Office, on behalf of the University Executive Board, in accordance with the Risk Management Policy.

Business Intelligence Unit

The Business Intelligence Unit comprise the Head of the Business Intelligence Unit and seven staff. The team are responsible for management information (including that made widely available to staff through the Management Information Gateway), visual business analytics (for example of university league tables), statistical analysis (for example of degree outcomes) and co-ordinate a range of external statutory returns.

Access and Participation Monitoring and Evaluation Team

The Access and Participation Monitoring and Evaluation Team, within the Planning and Risk Office, are responsible for overseeing and monitoring the progress of the University’s latest Access and Participation Plan, as approved by the Office for Students. In addition to this the team are also responsible for robust and research-informed analysis of all of the University’s widening access and participation activity, across the whole student journey, from pre-entry and access, through to student success and progression.

University of York Access and Participation Plan 2020-21 to 2024-25 (PDF , 1,503kb)

Fee Summary 2021-22 (PDF , 111kb)

19/20 Access & Participation Plan impact report (PDF , 166kb)

Our services:

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Management Information Gateway

The Gateway provides heads of academic departments and their departmental management teams with a range of reports encompassing student recruitment trends, financial performance, HR information, information in respect of various elements of the student experience (including careers outcomes) and about league table performance.  This information is updated appropriately, with recruitment information refreshed regularly and financial reports updated monthly, for example.

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